Welcome to the online gallery of international artist Nicky Crowther.  


Nicky specializes in collecting and composing found objects.  Her initial passion for vintage toys led the way for collections of rare and valuable toys to be curated in her work.  Out of the chaotic and sometimes very dusty world of discarded toys and antique fairs Nicky creates order, calm and bright contemporary design. In the work there is the simple instinctive & joyful reaction of a child at play and also the nostalgia of something old and well-loved that has been brought back to life. Working with old, colourful and often heavy objects, as displayed in her series “Flying Machines” the Dinky toy aeroplanes are set at specific angles and heights to create perspective and changing shadows, to evoke the feeling of lift and flight and to give the work the quality of a moving sculptural relief.


Nicky also works with more contemporary objects and her “Fifty Shades” series displays exemplary detail in shading colours, symmetry and order, with each set of sunglasses meticulously placed by hand.  As a result, every piece of Nicky’s art is unique in style and many pieces are one-offs.


Each piece of work is named with a humorous pun a reminder of the playful element of Nicky’s work and her signature comes in the form of a handmade wax seal stamp with an imprint of her initials.  Nicky's work now hangs in residences across the globe.

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